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Plum Stool Series 1 & 2 by Alvaro Uribe Design

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

The Plum Stool is a concept that organically combines structure, form and material with carbon fiber. The aerodynamic form of the Plum Stool emulates the way that natural forms grow and evolve, always aiming for efficiency. The stool mimics this philosophy, but towards a seating surface.

These stools are designed to have strategic ribs where pressure and weight will be applied. By building ribs with the material folds, the stool’s structure is able to accomplish superior strength and lightness. Similar to the shaft of a leaf these ribs give additional resistance to pressure and compression. The overall gesture is designed to resemble that of a dancer, exposing the flexibility of the body and the skin.

The name Plum is a derivative of the word “Pluma”in Spanish which translates to “Feather”; hence, capturing the idea that by combining new material, form creation and structural logic, you can accomplish astonishing lightness. Advances in materials and manufacturing technologies are providing the freedom to design not from strict geometries, but from usability needs and sculptural approach.

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