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Ruby Tree Striped Collection by Bethan Gray and Mitchell Abdul Karim Crites

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

For this exciting new collection, Bethan was inspired by the colourful contrasting metallic stripes seen on 11th c.lusterware ceramic vessels commissioned by royal courts throughout the medieval Islamic world, for ceremonial occasions and gifts. Bethan has reinterpreted the classic radiating stripe design using Amazonite, a luminous blue-green semi-precious stone treasured since Egyptian times for its beauty and auspicious qualities. Remains of Amazonite amulets were found in the tomb of King Tutankhamen. Her fascination with the interplay of line, light and colour reach sophisticated new heights in these masterpieces of inlay art.

The Ruby Tree Striped Collection pieces are objects of desire, with a graceful, luminous presence that blends easily with both traditional and modern interiors, grand occasions or intimate gatherings. The collection is cleverly designed to work in unison or separately, making it flexible and adaptable to your lifestyle and desires.

#Stone #Amazonite

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