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Kora Vase by Studiopepe for Spotti Edizioni

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

Designed by Studiopepe, Kora vase collection for Spotti Edizione, is a range of unusual, asymmetrical vases which draw on the beauty of the statues that line the Temple of Erechtheum in Athens. Studiopepe's creative identity is characterized by a studied balance between contrasts, whereby colour is given a structural value, not just aesthetic. Their custom made projects, which are developed individually by their team for each client, take inspiration from unexpected synergies, based upon observation, analysis and intuition.

These vases came about through a study of colour, gradient, time, and form, and show off their beautiful and angular V-shaped handles that are the highlights of this design.They are made of matt finish ceramic and come in so many different colors as well as customised hand-painted graphic patterns and bright monotone colours.

#Vase #Ceramic

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