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Centipede Chair by Vido Nori

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

Vido Nori is very much inspired by Bauhaus style, which is reflected in her design works as well. Forms and shapes of her furniture collection are simple and clean, however somewhere in the design the reflection of her energetic and fun personality is also present. Vido Nori chairs are handmade, made of high quality wood and each of them have their own little story.

" I was sitting in the shower looking at the water flowing out from the shower head. Then I thought of wood. My centipede chair was born" says Nori about the idea behind designing Centipede chair. Centipede is made from strips of solid mahogany, aligned next to each other in slanted manner to form the chair. The side views of the chair are more evident of the irregular placement of the legs that continue to form the overall body of the chair.

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