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La Belle Époque Collection by Studio Larose Guyon

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

Designed by Félix Guyon and Audrée, founders of Studio Larose Guyon, La Belle Époque Collection consists of home decor and functional objects made from copper.

It is for the sheer love of copper and the beauty and uniqueness it brings to objects that they selected copper to work with. All of these decorative objects are copper plated by dedicated artisans conscientious and knowledgeable in its craft. Copper has a natural reaction of oxidizing when exposed to air giving it character and depth. These products may develop a patina over time which is the natural and intentional process of these handmade products. A protective layer have been added to the products to slow the oxidizing process. Once the protective layer is removed, copper oxidation will begin.

The many objects of this collection include, Auguste book rack, Victor candleholder, Cléo mirror, Henri fruit bowl and Adèle wine rack.

#Tableware #Copper

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