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Anwar Collection by Stephan Burks for Parachilna

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

For over a decade, Stephen Burks has dedicated his work to building a bridge between authentic craft traditions, industrial manufacturing, and contemporary design.

His Anwar Lamps Collection consists of floor and hanging lamps made from welded steel rods. These simple and minimal looking lamps have in fact a very complex structure and therefore require very professional and precise skills to be built.

Around 100 steel rods are individually welded in a round manner to create a curved volume. These lamps are made from the combination of a small curved volume within a bigger one. In some lamps another two volumes are added, usually in different size or color, to make a four volume lamp.

This collection is made in collaboration with Parachilna, a new-generation Spanish brand that produces decorative lighting solutions characterised by a refined and contemporary design.

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