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Bob Chair by Ehud Eldan

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

Bob is a wood laminated chair inspired by reflection symmetry, designed by Ehud Eldan for his final project as a student in industrial design."Symmetry is a sense of proportion and balance. It is often used in architecture. As a theme in mosques and cathedrals, it’s not as common in furniture design.” says Eldan. Bob expresses symmetry in both the visual and structural sense. Bob's legs echo the seat and back rest.

The chair is made of laminated wood with four identical molded plywood pieces, each piece cut to a different form and covered with an Oak veneer sheet and then assembled.

As a second attempt, Eldan designed a new version of Bob, this time with metallic legs while the seat and back rest are made from the same mold, calling it Skinny Bob.


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