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FiDu Technology Furniture by Zieta Prozessdesign

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

FiDU is an innovative method of changing bits to atoms. Today’s world is overflowing with unnecessary and intrusive data. Zieta puts emphasis in its production processes not just on using less material, but also less data. It uses precise robots and organised tools to create an effective and sustainable production process.

In this process the material decides about its final form which is achieved when deforming from 2.5D, two welded flat metal shapes, into 3D using internal pressure. Production files required to define the 2.5D form are just a few kilobytes when allowing for a ‘controlled loss of control’.

The many furniture collections made using the FiDU technology includes, PLOPP stools, Rondel Mirror, Chippensteel chair, Konza Table , Hot Pin hanger and Ufo coffee table. Each collection includes variety of colors and sizes.

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