Orator by katia Tolstykh

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

Every person has an innate craving to spend time in nature, as we get the psychological satisfaction of nature in general. Much research has been devoted to how beneficial and effective is nature on the human brain. The biggest emphasis was, of course, on the visual component, but this project has been given special attention to the sounds. Orator by katia Tolstykh is an object combining strong visual aesthetics with functional purposes, and fulfilling the needs of both birds and people. It combines a planter with an ergonomic bird feeder, a nest and a speaker. Clambering plant gradually transforms the cage into a safe and cozy nest, while the speaker enhances the sound of pleased birds singing. Peaceful sounds of nature along with taking care of animals, while pleasing the eye with beautiful shapes, are certain to improve the well-being of a person living in town.

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