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Silaï Collection by Charlotte Lancelot for Gan

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

Calming, unique and inspiring, the Silaï, Charlotte Lancelot’s new collection for Gan, sublimates ancient techniques and brings them into contemporary interiors. The recipe is over sizing, association of patterns, choice of natural materials, trendy colours. Silai, which means “small stitch” in Hindi, reflects the creator’s passion for visual and tactile textures and patterns. The collection is entirely made by hand, which gives higher value and uniqueness to each piece. Designed like a giant patchwork, the pieces, the rugs, low tables, poufs, cushions, can be added up and superimposed to create a harmonious composition that varies according to the choice of colours. All the pieces are very light and can be easily moved and adapted to our way of life.

In public spaces, Silaï can also be combined to form islands thank to its 3 low tables that make the link with the poufs. The materials’ grooves are an invitation to touching, as they remind us of the embroideries patterns and appear and disappear according to the light. Each piece has been designed in detail, hence the coloured border edges that can be found on the poufs, cushions and rugs. In summary, this is a surprising collection full of smooth, subtle and emotional elements. The colours have been developed in collaboration with the colour specialist, Annick Oth.

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