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One-Two collection by Ehoeho Studio

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

Ehoeho is a studio, a shop, a think tank, a process of breaking design to its fundamental essence; to provide the human connection on every day products. Design solutions are driven by underlying ideas and are not merely created. Each product is conceived with a twist and unexpected lightness.

Their One-Two collection consists of tables, benches and desks made from walnut slab/multi core wood and metal with built in storage.

The One & High Tables borrow the elegant twist of the One-Two concept table with metal hair pin style legs, live edge hardwood and a singular off-center dropped box. The user can place a chair and a laptop and it is your ideal work desk. Place along a corridor and drop your keys and mail in the vertical slots as you enter your home. Minimal in its approach and Unique in its design, They are ideal from any modern interior space.

One Two bench/table is designed for those sitting and waiting to effortlessly grab a magazine or a book right underneath. You then place the book back in the vertical slot. Bringing the focus back to the end user and the act of "sitting", is the simple idea behind the One-Two Bench, which was created from direct communication between designer and client.

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