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Canevas Collection by Charlotte Lancelot

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

Designed by Charlotte Lancelot for Gan, Canevas is a collection of rugs, cushions and poufs made by Cross-stitch pattern. In her work the traditional handcrafts are transformed into everyday objects in contemporary homes yet maintain their essence and bring warmth back to our surroundings.

Needle felted, water and pressure. This technique has been used by nomads for centuries. This collection is prized for its insulating properties. You can play with designs and colours, add embroidery, appliqués or use punching techniques. This means the collections are very different from each other in spite of sharing a common technique.

Lancelot's work is characterised by emotional attachment to the objects around her. Ecology, aesthetics, modernisation of old techniques and improvements to living conditions are her main concerns.

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