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Soundbox Desk and Seat by Jina U

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

Designed by Jina U as a graduate project, the Soundbox Desk and Seat is a unique and genius solution for having a low-tech sound amplifying desk that doesn't require electricity. The Soundbox Desk, features a vintage style design with an equally old-school sound feature embedded within it.

Instead of high-tech speaker systems that require a high voltage of power to function, the desk has a built-in docking station that amplifies the sound from your Smartphone through a large copper amp resembling a phonograph horn. This creates a fantastic, low-energy and low-tech amplifier.

The desk and the seat are made of Acacia wood, copper, and steel, and finished in a combination of white, turquoise, and natural shades of brown. This brilliant desk and accompanying chair not only looks great, but are also very practical and functional.

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