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T8 Candelabra as Mult8 by De Vecchi

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

Its silhouette is instantly recognizable: two solid silver arms that develop into a single continuous gesture in space, almost reproducing the infinity symbol. First created in 1947 by Piero De Vecchi, a sculptor and innovator of the silversmith craft who, at a young age, embraced Futurism, the T8 candelabra was immediately awarded at the eighth “Triennale” in Milan.

History, taste and design evolve constantly, so the company decided to partially modify the appearance of the “T Candelabra”, “transforming a monomateric object into an item composed of two different, conventionally distant materials.

In this vein, the material of choice is PVC for the tubes in various textures and colors that add to the classic silver candelabra a pop twist and, as a result of such combination of materials, a ‘recycled’ vibe. This is how the Mult8, a new version of T8 Candelabra, was conceived.

The ‘readymade’ intervention reinforces the brand and makes De Vecchi more open to a design-loving audience that appreciates Made in Italy values, definitely a signature feature of the Milan-based company founded in 1935.

Mult8 Pellewas born with the desire to find a way to combine an industrial component with a handmade object, a way to transform a monomateric object, born within a monomateric craft, in an object made of materials which are conventionally kept far apart.

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