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Line Up Table by Kosta Pamporis & Florian Schulz

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

The turning and sanding of wood, produces an enormous amount of waste material which nobody uses further. The material wastage of such a natural and valuable material was the main reason for Kosta Pamporis & Florian Schulz for designing Line up Table.

This project is the result of a material mixture of pure recycled natural resources. The sawdust resulting from the process of making the legs of the table is later used as an additive for the concrete mixture of the top surface. Though this mixture produced for the table top is unusually light, it is still a very strong concrete slab that is 40% lighter than normal concrete.

The concrete top is then attached to the wooden legs by a neon colored rope.

“With Line Up we created a product that doesn‘t produce waste material during production because of the recycling of that materials during the process. At the end we have a nice combination that connects the two materials optically as well as technically,” say the designers.

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