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Aria and Avia Pendant Lamps by Zaha Hadid for Slamp

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

Designed by architect and designer Zaha Hadid, Aria and Avia are two suspension lamp collections that reproduce the majesty of great architectural works, integrating perfectly important volumes and state-of-the-art lighting technologies. Both collections are made with 50 layers of technopolymers patented by Slamp (Polycarbonate for Avia and Cristalflex ® for Aria), each different from the other to enhance the lamps fluidity and dynamism, and enclose the central light sources.

Fluid and dynamic, Avia is a miniature piece of architecture, perfect for adding stature to the home. 50 different layers of Polycarbonate transform it from a source of light into an object of admiration with soft, amplified tones and reflections. The lamp is available in four sizes: two small and two large.

Aria is as well a light piece that is charged with Hadid’s dramatic sense of motion combined with the intrinsic weightlessness of technically advanced materials. With its 50 layers of Crystalflex®, this suspension light has a complex harmonic yet fluid contemporary quality. With its translucent black overlay, a fascinating sculpture in light.

Both lamps, gently illuminate their environment with light dramatically casting through their sculptural fins, defining a delicately layered interplay of solid and void that is constantly evolving from every perspective.

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