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Flow Vase & Wall Pieces by Fenella Elms

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

Designed by Fenella Elms, the Flow is made from powdered porcelain mixed with water, and sometimes stain, to form individual "beads". Eventually, enough beads are made to freely build up a "flow" onto a raw porcelain sheet. After thorough drying and tidying up, the whole sheet is eased into a bespoke electric kiln for slowly firing up to 1260 degrees. The sheet shrinks by up to 20% in size during the firing and wavers into a softly undulating edge. The works are lifted onto a spongy glue bed on a mount board for wall hanging.

These works are intuitively built in porcelain clay to create shifting perspectives. Individually made beads of porcelain, sometimes colour-stained, are joined to a porcelain under-sheet with porcelain slip before the whole work is fired together to form one single piece. For added emphasis on textural movement, some works are made with two tone beads and some with beads varied in size. After firing, the works are mounted onto board for framing.

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