Nuno Chair by Emilia Lucht

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

Recently, studies have shown that ergonomic seating comfort is achieved through the connection between movements and changes in body position. In response to this, a simple ale-bench offers your body the ability to sit in a way that is comfortable to you. Designed by Emilia Lucht, the centerpiece of the Nuno chair is comprised of a flexible directional back made of felt. It is designed in a way that allows for varying positions and is therefore very adaptable. The adjustable backrest supports and warms the lower back, providing greater support. To achieve stability, a round central section is glued and laminated with two identically constructed chair legs. The front and back leg are each fixed at another angle to the seating surface. To manufacture this chair, the natural materials of timber and felt are used in combination with modern colours and forms.

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