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Chess Set by XYZ Integrated Architecture

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

Chess collection by XYZ Integrated Architecture comprises four sets. Two of them are intended to be set on the floor, the third one is for playing on the table, and the forth one has a vertical wall chessboard. Unusual patterns on the chessboards are created using various combinations of colorful fruit, citrus varieties, eggs, as well as any other organic or inorganic product of a suitable shape and size. Thus, the chessboards double as trays. The shape of chess pieces was simplified to the utmost. Some of them (rooks, knights, bishops), though it may not be easily discernible, bear the "family resemblance" to the classically shaped chess pieces. As for the king and queen, they can be recognized by exaggerated sexual characteristics. Color schemes for chess pieces are aimed at juxtaposing "cold" and "warm" hues. For one of the sets, 32 shades of red and gray are used.

#Chess #Acrylic

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