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Chapiteau Lamps Collection by Ekaterina Elizarova for Bosa

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

Designed by Ekaterina Elizarova for Bosa, Chapiteau Lamps collection evoke a dreamy atmosphere made of lights, joy, gymnasts, jugglers and those legendary big tops with stripes that never become outdated. These ceramic lights were inspired by the circus and playful acrobatic routines. Made in the shape of hourglass, the clean graphics of the patterns create a luxury finishing which allows the lamps to be used in different style interiors. The lamps have showy stripes design. They are reverse colored and can be fix in opposite directions. Chapiteau lamps have lasting impression whether used as one, couple or several lamps. The finishes can be selected from a list of over 20 available options to get an impressive visual effect.

#Lighting #Ceramic

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