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Microstructures Chair by Joris Laarman Studio

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

Michal Piasecki teamed up with Jacek Markusiewicz and Ewa Jankowska to work on microlattice series for Joris Laarman Studio. For the team, it seems very hard to get digital fabrication out of the world of funny little gadgets. In their opinion digital fabrication needs to scale up in order to grow up. The technology has been around for a long time but is only recently developing into the realm of consumer products due to cost reduction of computer controlled machines, smart software and new printable materials. Digital fabrication eventually will become more than a tool for prototyping, it will become a tool for manufacturing the actual products as well.

The microstructures project aims to be a next step in that development. The Aluminum gradient chair, known as Microstructures Chair, is engineered on a cellular level to create an optimal weight, strength and comfort ratio. It’s the first chair ever to be directly 3d printed in aluminum. The chair is solid and polished at areas that need it, and very lightweight and porous where it can.

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