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BAUX Tiles by BAUX

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

BAUX Acoustic Wood Wool is an environment-friendly, recyclable material made from wood wool, cement and water. The natural components together provide many functional characteristics.

The moisture-resistant material evens out air humidity by absorbing moisture from or emitting moisture to the ambient air.

BAUX Acoustic Wood Wool stores heat from the ambient air and emits it when the air temperature falls.

The open material structure reduces reflection of sound and makes BAUX Acoustic Wood Wool a good sound absorber.

Measurements show that emissions from BAUX Acoustic Wood Wool are extremely low. The strong surface can cope with vacuum cleaning, and use of the product in restaurants and other sensitive environments show that the boards do not emit dust or particles.

These tiles are extremely beautiful and as they come in different geometric patterns and colors they can bring so many options for redesigning the interior space.

BAUX was founded on the belief that building materials should be surprisingly functional and remarkably beautiful. BAUX designs, produces and markets functional construction materials that meet the contemporary expectations of architects, engineers and builders, without compromising tomorrow’s safety and environmental standards.

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