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The GVAL Chair by OOO My Design

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

Designed by OOO My Design with Gustavo Reboredo and Louis Sicard, GVAL is a product that brings surprising and playful use to an object as ordinary as everyday’s chair. The form of the chair is a careful balance of many requirements: ergonomic demands to fit the human body in a variety of positions, modularity of pieces that can fit together like a puzzle in a variety of ways, and also intention to create an abstract form that radiates sense of lightness, familiarity and invitation to touch, use and play with it.

This chair easily transforms and adopts to different spaces, situations and needs. Not only can it be used in both public and private spaces, indoors and outdoors, small and large rooms, it can also be a simple compact chair or expand to become a lounge chair with ottoman, or even can lend itself to uses that go beyond seating; a low table, or a shelf. GVAL is a result of intention to distill various complex technical and functional requirements into a simple object. And it is not simplicity for its own sake. GVAL chair is simple to make, simple to understand and simple to use. This not only makes this chair a feasible, economical and efficient product, but also the product with sincere and light character.

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