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Twist Me by Mejd Studio

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

Designed by Mejd Studio, Twist Me is a bookcase born during the Summer workshop, Lost & found, organized by CA Flowers for Slovakia in cooperation with Swiss furniture company Vitra. The goal of this workshop was to create a hybrid of two different objects. On the one hand designers and students of design were supposed to work with traditional folklore items and on the other hand, use newer but already discard office furniture from Vitra company. In this case there was a bookbinding plough and a metal sheet office rack.

The result of this hybrid is a genuine object that maintains the theme of the book. On the side walls aluminium bearings joints with a wooden nut are placed. By turning the nut, the inner walls, are brought into motion and this way they can be positioned against one another, thereby creating space for more books. The books can stand still by pressing the library and therefore can be easily carried.

Materials used in Twist Me are color coated aluminium sheets from office bookcase of Vitra, wooden frame from old bookbinding plough, color sprayed wooden legs from 70´s traditional Slovak rustic chair.

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