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Porcelain Vases by Jeanette Prestandrea

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

Fashion & art designer, Jeanette Prestandrea developed her own style of painting porcelain, first painting ornaments to give as gifts to friends. As her friends began to ask her to sell the ornaments so they could give them as gifts too, Jeanette grew her unique line and the business was born. According to her, the desire to make the porcelain vases came from the fact that she was tired of having just glass vases to hold flowers.

“I look at my vases as pieces of art in themselves. With or without flowers, they add to a home’s décor,” says Prestandrea.

Her porcelain vase collection includes Oval bud and cylinder vases. Each vase is produced through multiple cycles of abstract hand painting and firing to achieve the final piece. Once these beautiful porcelain vases are complete, they’re ready to hold wildflowers, pens or better yet, your childhood marble collection.

Jeanette continues to develop new ideas to add to her business. She is always looking for new ways to make her home and the homes of her friends and clients more beautiful.

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