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Ribone Lamp Shades by Martin Zampach

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

Ribone Lamp shades designed by Martin Zampach for Be3D are inspired by visual appearance of heat-sinks, which is an accordion-textured metal that dissipates the heat, visible on industrial lamps or nowadays on LED bulbs. These lamp shades are made of PLA, cornstarch-based aka bioplastic, which is used in FDM 3D Printer and are very practical, elegant and ecofriendly.

Thanks to 3D printing versatility, these shades can be produced in any color or size in a short period of time. 3D printing opens doors to customization to fit in any socket, bulb or any other specification requested per order.

“This is in no way just a matter of beauty or aesthetics; these shadings are designed especially for LED lights and are fully operational. You just need to screw the shield onto the light bulb thread and that’s it” says Be3D.

#Lighting #Bioplastic

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