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Digital Natives by Matthew Plummer Fernandez

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

Designed by Matthew Plummer Fernandez, everyday items such as detergent bottles and a watering can are 3D scanned using a digital camera and subjected to algorithms that distort, abstract and taint them into new primordial coloured, 3D printed vessel forms. In some cases only close inspection reveals traces inherited from their physical predecessors.

According to Fernandez, programming is the key to his creations, so instead of using existing software he writes the codes himself. Different equations create different effects, the simplest are simple multiplications to stretch an object, while more advanced formulas can twist or smooth the object or go as far as adding new features such as spikes. Vessel are arguably the lowest common denominator for man-made objects across all cultures, these objects however have no storage function other than to embody the stored digital data that describes them. The items scanned for this project include: a spray bottle, a watering can, a dolphin-shaped lamp, a Power Ranger action figure, and a vase.

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