Carbon Fiber Halo Chair by Michael Sodeau

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

Halo is the world’s first design product made with Hypetex coloured carbon fiber.

Created by leading designer Michael Sodeau, the Halo chair utilises the high-performance properties of Hypetex, which is lightweight, strong and visually dynamic. The exceptionally thin structure is refined yet robust, marrying minimalist design with imposing form.

According to Michael Sodeau, “the design follows the modernist rules of form and function with the removal of all unnecessary clutter, which is juxtaposed with the decorative aesthetic given by the material. The contoured shape interacts perfectly with light creating vibrant refractions on the surface of the material. When the chair is viewed from behind it hides what is in front, adding a playful quality that only reveals its full shape as you walk around it”.

Hypetex is a high-tech composite material created by leading engineers from the world of Formula One. The Halo chair is a limited-edition product, with only individually numbered pieces produced in a select range of colours.

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