Shrine Flat Table Series by Jo Nagasaka

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

An architect and designer, Jo Nagasaka shows his interest in finding modern solutions for tired, found objects through pioneering innovative re-purposing techniques.

His Shrine Flat Table series shows Jo Nagasaka’s ability to explore traditional craftsmanship in the creation of stunning objects that fit seamlessly in a contemporary setting. The Shrine Flat-table is a contemporary interpretation of the traditional Japanese Hassoku dai, which means 8 legged table and the top of the Shrine Table can be separated from its legs.

In order to make this striking table, craftsmen carefully remove the soft layer between the tree’s natural grains to emphasise the complex contour on the surface of the Douglas fir.

In addition to the traditional table, a layer of coloured epoxy is poured on the wooden surface which grains had been gushed out to create different depth and intensity of the same colour; it also creates a smooth and elegant table top finish.

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