Applied Physics by Acquacalda

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

Applied Physics is a variety of kitchen products based on the laws of physics and designed by Acquacalda. The collection includes a decanter that distributes wine uniformaly, a ceramic bowl calibrated to weigh your food and a vase that always has the right water lever.

Applied Physics in general is based on physical sciences fundamental truths and most important concepts, but is especially interested in the application of these scientific principles in practical systems. Applied Physics for design has led to direct design solutions particularly tangible and useful, allowing to transform everyday objects in scientific instrumentation. Vases, bowls, shakers become instruments of direct knowledge without losing their original function; form, closely connected to function, stimulates the user’s curiosity and interactivity. As the object becomes intellectually stimulating, it triggers the concept of an enjoyable object; a collection of objects for different uses share a common language.

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