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Listening to Waves by Sakiyama Takayuki

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

Titled Listening to Waves, this contemporary ceramic sculpted by potter Sakiyama Takayuki gives material expression to the sensation of sound and the movement of water. Sakiyama achieved this effect by combing the clay, then double-folded it over itself to form a dynamic vase that seems to echo the folding of waves and tidal swells. Waves swirl across the exterior, sweeping over the rim into the interior to create a fully integrated, organic form. Moss-colored glaze fills the ebblike grooves, leaving traces of sand on the surface of the vessel. This effect recalls the raked sand-waves of Zen kare sansui gardens, such as the sixteenth-century Ryoanji in Kyoto, which convey the expanse of the oceans, and ultimately the entire universe.

#Vase #Ceramic

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