SheLLf by Ka-Lai Chan for Kristalia

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

It is a path out of the ordinary that has characterized SheLLf bookcases. What was founded as a limited edition sculpture, a true work of art, turned into a modern furniture series, thanks to the meeting between the designer, Ka-Lai Chan and the technology adopted by Kristalia. A combination of rectangular compartments of various forms, made ​​of Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF), with a lacquered finish and connected with invisible seams at 45°, make this modern bookcase a recognisable icon.

“While observing people, I had noticed that everyone wants to wear a mask in such a way as to become invisible to those who stood before him; a real mask of perfection. The modern bookcase which I designed encloses this species of mask that creates a sense of movement because it captures the eyes with its dynamic visual effect “ says Ka-Lai Chan.

The visual effect is dynamic and organic; recalling the act of an animal that comes out of its shell. The external finish of the furniture is painted white but inside it is possible to characterise it in four color variations.The name of the bookcase, SheLLf, is a fusion of linguistic and conceptual “shell” which means shell and “shelf” shelf. The cubic element, typical of bookcases, is dissected; the form that results is a set of movements and bold cuts that makes the furniture an object of modern design.