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Maxhedron by Bec Brittain for Roll & Hill

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

Designed by Bec Brittain for Roll & Hill, Maxhedron is a study in material transformation through light and reflection. When Maxhedron is turned off, its mirrored surface gives it a mercurial quality, being at once present yet disappearing as it reflects its surroundings. The second phase of transformation occurs when it is turned on, what was a solid surface becomes translucent, and the lights become a constellation of points.

Maxhedron is made from Brass, steel, mirrored glass with Blackened steel, oil-rubbed bronze, polished nickel, brushed brass metal finishes. The Maxhedron Vertical with Tessellated Mirror is available in three sizes: 24″, 30″ and 42″. It is also available in a horizontal format with Tessellated Mirror.

#Lighting #Brass #Steel #Bronze

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