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Landscapes Within by Wiktoria Szawiel

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

Landscapes Within Series by Wiktoria Szawiel resonate with people. They have cultural meaning, particular functions within society and they connect with memory. Conjuring up sounds, visuals, and feelings from that lost constant, Szawiel recalled an image of space, light, and atmosphere to create “Landscapes Within”. The furniture pieces capture the essence of memory in physical objects where material, color, technique and shape all link back to that embedded memory of landscape.”

“So I dreamt about places, and I dreamt about landscapes, and I recalled familiar memories of sounds, views, feelings. From those little notions of a space, of light, of atmosphere, my project emerged. I aimed to capture the beauty and the spirituality of an eastern landscape within a physical object,” says Szawie. The collection includes chair, side table, stools and various vessels made from wicker, rattan, various resins.

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