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Bau Pendant Lamps by Vibeke Fonnesberg Schmidt

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

Designed by Vibeke Fonnesberg Schmidt, Bau is a sculptural hanging lamp that combines color, composition and geometric shapes in a unique and creative design.

The design is based on interlocking geometric circles, wood or acrylic, sticking out in all directions. Bau has an immediate pattern that is broken up by the discs' colors, sizes and off-center linkages, making the lamp living and organic in its expression.

Vibeke Fonnesberg Schmidt's designs are often based on geometric shapes, and her love for architecture is also reflected in the Bau lamp. In German, Bau means construction, and it is exactly the lamp's construction and composition that create an expression of harmonious disharmonies.

Vibeke Fonnesberg Schmidt explains: "Decoration does not need to be restricted to objects you hang on the wall, but can also form an integral part of more functional objects, such as a table or a lamp. This creates new and exciting opportunities in furnishing. When you move your position in relation to Bau, the tight geometric lines are broken. The sort of experience I want people to have is to see the Bau lamp and wonder what it looks like from the other side. It must appeal to peoples' sense of curiosity."

The Bau lamp is an example of a DIY (Do It Yourself) project whereby the user assembles his or her own lamp, thus giving the user ownership of the lamp. The Bau lamp has a complex expression. The round pieces in various sizes and colors create a pattern, which at first appears random. Upon studying the Bau lamp more closely, however, it becomes clear that there is an order. The Bau lamp is one of a kind.

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