Crystal Virus by Pieke Bergmans

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

For Pieke Bergmans objects are like viruses, due to their natural forms and the way they come to life. Ultimately, the biggest virus of them all is the designer itself. Manipulating standard production processes is by all means viral behavior. In general mass production, a single form is endlessly and perfectly multiplied like a healthy cell. As she allows room for change and serendipity, Pieke aims to create processes in which objects are never completely the same. Like a virus, her works change and adapt to various conditions, disrupting common ideas and the predictable evolution of form and design. Her favorite modus operandi is to alter existing production processes to come to new forms and functions.

Pieke’s work is spontaneous, playful and fresh. She aims to combine function, form and message in a single elegant gesture. Whether working with porcelain, plastic or glass, she always creates objects that are of a pure and natural beauty.

Pieke Bergmans is fascinated by movement and the shapes that arise from it. She is amazed at how many materials are squeezed into straitjackets, with no room for the natural characteristics of the material to shine out. Characteristic of Bergmans’ work method is her close study of existing production processes that she then manipulates and reworks. Using this approach she gives the material room to choose its own way.

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