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Bravais Armchair and Radiolarian Sofa by Lazerian

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

The Bravais armchair and Radiolarian Sofa are part of a collaborative project between furniture designer Liam Hopkins and artist Richard Sweeney at Lazerian studio.

The design process involved experimentation with columnar forms, which were inspired by structural forms in nature, including a wasp nest and the crystalline bone structure of microscopic sea organisms known as Radiolarian. Computer design techniques were used to generate the form of the furniture using triangular columns, which were oriented to utilise the structural properties of the cardboard. The individual components were extracted from the virtual model to create flat layouts, which were printed to create templates for transfer onto the cardboard- over two hundred components were hand cut and glued together to create these light weight, beautifully crafted furniture pieces.

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