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ÉTOILE Lamp by Adriano Rachele

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

​Designed by Adriano Rachele, the Etoile lamp is an elegantly curved and layered furniture piece, inspired by the layers of ballerina skirt , combining art and technology. Etoile got something of the ballerina’s tutu as it lifts and falls in response to the dancer. This exuberant lamp is made from refractive layers of Lentiflex combined with LED light sources. For an ambient effect the lamp throws light towards the ceiling, while single light sources along the central stem light it from the inside. A further source points downwards as if to light a table and thus completes the smooth play of light on the surrounding. It is available in two sizes to suit both domestic and more commercial applications.

#Lighting #Lentiflex #Prodeez

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