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Infrastructure furniture Series by Vivian Beer

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

Furniture designer and maker Vivian Beer tiptoes through contemporary design, craft and sculptural aesthetics, sampling from each one. She deftly counterbalances a strong knowledge of contemporary furniture design with the history of industry and architecture to create furniture that intends to transform our expectations and relationships to the domestic landscape with one of a kind and limited production pieces. She is known for her fearless combinations industrial materials in her furniture designs.

Her collection of sculptural benches, named Infrastructure Series, is a study of ubiquitous architectural public works through the public/intimate format of benches. Juxtaposing industrial material with soft sensual curves that reflect our body’s architecture; these pieces are a play on our expectations.

"To me the ironic, visceral and sensual reaction to the conflicting “purposes” of the materials is a rich playground of meaning. Each piece has a physiological component in its design through a specific use and the relationship that it sets up between people using it, says Beer."

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