METALS Tables by Studio Nucleo

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

The ages of the metals have profoundly influenced society in a sustainable manner and directing it towards civilization as we know it today .Writing, urbanization, transport and navigation are progress being made thanks to the discovery and use of metal. Designed by Studio Nucleo, The METALS Series is a collection of exceptionally beautiful tables, inspired by the history of one of the most important materials known to man, metal.

With this collection Nucleo discover metals with a sequence of three tables, unique pieces inspired by the metal ages, united by the name “Metals”: Copper Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. Ideal continuation of past projects related to the primitivism, Nucleo pays tribute to the human capacity to evolve.

The tables, are made entirely of thin sheets of metal assembled by welding, united by the same shape but made with different metals and finishes from time to time in step with human evolution.

These tables have been created exclusively for Gabrielle Ammann Gallery.

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