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3D printed Quin MGX Pendant Lamp

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

Inspired by the shape of dodecahedron that has twelve faces, each made from five edges, Bathsheba Grossman, created the mesmerizing Quin MGX Pendant Lamp. The star shaped faces of the lamp are the pentagon faces digitally modified to have further articulations with a slight extrusion to create triangular voids in between every three stars. Once the complex digital model was completed, it was 3D printed as a single object with no seems or joints. It is also available in triplet, chandelier, table and sconce formats. Furthermore, the Quin MGX has an outcome that improves the details by producing anti light effect which causes the surfaces cast shadow on each other, creating a range of different shades and smooth light on this spherical matrix.

#Lighting #3Dprint

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