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Kisimi Frosted Driftwood Cube by Bleu Nature

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

Designed by Frank Lefebvre of Blue Nature, the Kisimi Frosted Driftwood Cube is a stool made from a very innovative design process.

This handcrafted cubical stool is made from frosted branches and driftwood cut, embedded in a transparent sanded and hand polished acrylic material. The forever frozen wooden branches in the stool create dreamy like pieces of furniture. The combination of both natural and manmade materials makes this hybrid very bizarre and captivating.

Other products of Blue Nature, from the same technique, are tables and taller stools made from thicker trunks of wood with fully or semi transparent acrylic surface. The use natural found woods in this collection makes every single piece unique from the other pieces.

#Stool #Acrylic

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