Lobster Chair for Fjords

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

Designed by LUND & PAARMANN for Fjords, the Lobster Chair is intended to merge the modern and classic design. The design of this elegant looking egg shaped form,protected by a beautiful wood exoskeleton, is inspired by the natural sea lives, specifically the Lobster. This chair has a beautiful organic form and an unusual steel plated chrome structural system that holds up the whole body from the front side of the seat only, making the chair look as though it’s floating in the air. The main ambition for the designers have been combining appearance, functionality, materials, and craftsmanship in every single piece of the design.

Lobster chair is produced in materials carefully chosen to match the requirements of the design, function, and construction. The exterior of the shell is made from laminated, bent wood with a walnut veneer at the back. Inside the shell is filled with Pantera foam, which is very durable and probably one of the most sustainable and environmental friendly materials,which is covered with very high quality leather.

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