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Crowd Candlesticks by David Taylor

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

As a contemporary designer, David Taylor creates super unique art pieces from post industrial waste materials. His metal craft combined with his artistic and skilful touch helps him create objects that maybe made from materials of not much value, but extremely valuable in their design essence.

in his Crown Candlestick Collection, he had created approximately 30 pieces of individually named candle sticks, representative of crowd of friends, that change over time and replaced by new ones (when sold). Each piece in the collection has a unique character of its own. According to Taylor, "Crowd represents a departure from his previous stand-alone, unique work and aims to incorporate an element of serial production into his craft practice while satisfying his need to avoid repetition and cloning".

Using his imagination, Taylor avoids repetition but still leaves few hints on each piece to relate to the overall collection.


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