YOHANN iPad Stand by Berend Frenzel

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

Designed by Berend Frenzel, YOHANN is an iPad Stand that can be used in six different positions. The beauty of its design lies in its simple and minimal form that cleverly allows for the iPad to stand on it in three different angles.Frenzel's main design inspiration was iPad's minimalist design and its lack of comfortable stand when used in fixed locations.

YOHANN was born from developing structural computations and many prototypes that merged with fine and sustainable materials. It comes in different colors made from either wood or lacquer.

The Wooden YOHANNS are made from Cherry, Maple, Oak and Walnut woods. The Lacquer ones have an elaborate and complex manufacturing process with a glass-fiber reinforced copolymer body that allows reducing the thickness of YOHANN to a minimum with still great stability.

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