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Swing Chair by Patricia Urquiola for Louis Vuitton

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

As a creative designer, Patricia Urquiola, masters the art of merging an old fashion look with a contemporary one to creative exquisite, chic products of very high quality. known for her bold and stylish taste, she gets her inspiration from all around the world and therefore creates objects that are timeless and appeal to everyone.

Among her many beautiful and unique designs is the Swing Chair for Louis Vuitton. The main body of this chair is made from well kneaded nylon ropes that also form the main structure and body, complemented with leather cushions for the sit and the back, creating an extremely comfortable experience for the user. This chair is designed to be used both inside and out and can be easily installed by simply hanging its gold plated hooks to either ceiling, walls or trees.

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