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Millennial Console by Maximo Riera

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

Máximo Riera recycles olive tree’s found pieces in his Millennial Console Collection, to create breathtaking art and furniture pieces. These pieces were collected from areasin south Spain that manufacture olive oil. Since the wood pieces come from heavy dead trees that still contain their truck and roots, the developing process to get to the final polished product is extremely time consuming.

The exceptionality of this collection is the hybrid of its materials. The very natural olive wood pieces are supported by the well-crafted, designed and colorful metallic structure. The metallic support is especially designed to look light while it has to carry the heavy weight of wooden top.

Keeping the rustic appearance of the wood pieces and exposing the natural grains is a great reminiscence of their origin while it also makes each console unique and different from the others.

According to Riera,“the wood is divided in sections with the idea of bringing the sterile material back to life, presenting its essence in a new form but at the same time, respecting its immutable soul.”


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