Cellular Chair by Mathias Bengtsson

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

Designer Mathias Bengtsson uses nature as his main source of inspiration to inform his design process.In his artificial design world, he aims to produce his products in a similar manner as living things evolve in the natural world. His organic forms are the result of this mind set and together with his material explorations, convey a complex and biomorphic form.

In designing his cellular chair, he closely observed the principles of bone marrow cellsgrowth and being inspired by it, he usedlasers, high-tech fibers, and computer programs, to come up with alight-weight epoxy, porous chair “that not only adopts the appearance of an organic form but is actually designed based on the growth principles of human bones."

Since he understood the principle of bone structure, he was able to apply the same qualities to his design process, to design this truly artistic and strong configuration, within the porous form of the chair.

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