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Urban Beehive by Philips

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

The Urban Beehive by Philips is a modern concept designed for keeping bees at home in the near future. It gives you a look into the interesting world of bees while you can also take advantage of harvesting honey produced by them. Philips has introduced this concept for the purpose of turning people into amateur bee keepers, making it also possible for those living in apartments or houses with no backyards.

The design of this beehive is not at all conventional. It complements the natural behavior of the bees and appeals to you. It looks like a pod and it is attached to a hole which is cut into a glass pane. It is made up of two parts – one is the passage for the entry of bees and the other is the flower pot which is placed outside. There is a vessel of glass that contains a whole array of honeycomb frames, placed inside. This glass shell will filter light to allow it through an orange wavelength that is used by bees for their sight. The frames are given a honeycomb texture for the bees to make their wax cells on them. You can release smoke into this hive so that the bees are allowed to stay calm before it opens. There is a hole through which the smoke can be blown and this is considered as a traditional way of calming the bees. Finally, by pulling a small cord, you can take out fresh honey.

Urban Beehive is an educational and environmentally friendly product that is wholly sustainable. The urban area could benefit from this pollination and you can benefit from honey and the therapeutic effect of watching the bees in action. This design will contribute to the preservation of bees since global bee colonies are declining.


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