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The Porcupine Table

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

Robert Brou, founder and designer of Naturalism Furniture takes his inspiration from nature and exemplifies it with his organic sculptural style. One of his popular and famous creations is the Porcupine Table.

The Porcupine Table captures the artistry through the world of a porcupine. It is a highly individual expression of Brou’s fascination with the natural world around him. This piece is a combination of his influence from organic shapes and forms that flow softly and his exquisite craftsmanship.

The Porcupine Table is made up of more than a hundred zebra wood quills of diverse lengths that protrude from a single mound of black walnut. The grains of this wood create an attractive sense of proportion and texture. The material used is a combination of zebra wood, black walnut and Claro walnut. The dimensions are thirty four inches in length, twenty three inches in depth and sixteen inches in height.


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